Around the Winter Palace 1917
On Tuesday, May 16th, the authors and creators of the book, Around the Winter Palace 1917, held a book presentation in the White Hall of the Museum of Political History. The presenters of the book were... more
Conference “Revolution in 1917 in Russia: Events and Conceptions, Consequences...
On the 11th of May, the first day of the conference, “Revolution in 1917 in Russia: Events and Conceptions, Consequences and Memory” took place at the Museum of Political History of Russia. The conference... more
“Life or Literature. Varlam Shalamov”
The exhibit, “Life or Literature. Varlam Shalamov,” is available in the Museum of the History of the Gulag—the first detailed and multifaceted museum project showing the fate of the writer. The works and... more
“Horchposten 1941/ I Hear War”
The interactive Russian-German sound installation, “Horchposten 1941/ I Hear War,” (authors: Yokhen Langner and Andreas von Vestfalen) leads listeners into a space of memory about the Eastern Front in... more