To the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1917

February uprising and October revolution in Petrograd in 1917, the Civil war (1918-1922) are сrucial moments for Russian history as well as World history of 20th century. Interest towards those events is growing with the 100th anniversary coming closer.

The State Museum of Revolution (now Museum of Political History of Russia) was established in 1919. Tens of thousands of unique objects that tell us about the Revolution have been collected from that time; some of them came to the museum directly from the participants of the actions. Revolution of 1917 have been one of the major themes for the Museum of Political History of Russia starting from the museum’s foundation; we have gathered broad experience, which we have already implemented and are going to use further when organising exhibitions and displays, preparing publications and setting up conferences on the topic of the Revolution.   

We present the programme of the events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1917-1922:

Exhibitions at the museum:

- "The Russian Revolution 1917-1922".

-      “Georgi Plekhanov, the Apostle of Russian Marxism. To the 160th birth anniversary”. Exhibition.Till May 2017.

-      “1917. The revolutionary calendar” exhibition project. One object exhibitions, dedicated to the first year of the 1917-1922 Revolution. Monthly (starting from December 2016 to December 2017), in the museum atrium.  

-      “The driving force of the Revolution”. From the “Painting as a document of the epoch” series. 

-      “The colour of the Revolution”. Polina Afeichuk’s drawings on the symbolism of the colour red - the colour of the revolution. Spring 2017

-      “Factory of slogans”. Exhibition of the revolutionary slogans of 1917-1922 from the collection of the Museum of Political History of Russia. April-November 2017.

-      Exhibition within the “Lenin’s been here” festival. April 2017.

-      “Women and the Revolution”. To the 100th anniversary of Russian women’s right to vote. From October 2017.

-      “Arrest of the Provisional Government” (by S. Zverev). From the “Painting as a document of the epoch” series. October-December 2017.

 -  “But we are in commune now!” Petrograd between 1918 and 1921. March-May 2018

Exhibitions outside the museum:

-      “The Romanov’s journey”. Collective museum exhibition at The State Museum-Reserve “Gatchina”. Opens in February 2017.

-      “We see the Petrograd city in 1917”. Complex collective museum exhibition at Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Opens in November 2017.

-      “Gatchina 1917”. Collective museum exhibition at The State Museum-Reserve “Gatchina”. Opens in November 2017.

International exhibition projects with the Museum of Political History of Russia’s participation:

-      “The Revolution of 1917. Russia and Switzerland”. International collective museum project. Swiss National Museum, Zurich. Opens in February 2017.

-      “Russia - Peace”. To the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1917. International collective museum project. German Historical Museum, Berlin. Opens in October 2017.

Publication projects:

-      “Revolution in Russia 1917-1922” exhibit prospectus. Illustrated reference edition. February 2017.

-    “Revolution in Russia 1917-1922” exhibit illustrated catalogue.


-      “Gorokhovaya, 2. Russian security services in the Russian revolutionary process”. April 2017.

-      “Significance, consequences and lessons of the Russian Revolution of 1917-1933 for Russian and World history”. International research and practice conference. In cooperation with St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences. May 2017.

-      “Museum in the Revolution. Revolution in the museum”. Roundtable discussion in Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg. November 2017.