The Revolution of 1917-1922 in Russia.

Excursion: Topical
The period of the WWI and the Revolution of 1917-1922 is presented at the exhibition Russian Revolution 1917-1922 as well as in the memorial office of Lenin and in the room of the Secretariat of the Bolshevik Party. The exhibition demonstrates images of a number of outstanding revolutionaries of that time - Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin. These figures are represented through documents, personal belongings.

You will have the opportunity to learn of the crucial events of the great Russian Revolution- the February Uprising, October Military Coup (the notorious October Revolution when Bolsheviks seized power in Russia) and the Civil War. It was here in the mansion of Kshesinskaya, the prominent ballet-dancer and the former mistress of Romanovs, where Lenin for the first time announced his remarkable April Thesis. Leon Trotsky wrote about it: "On Kshesinskaya balcony stood Lenin, the same man who two months later hid himself in a hayloft, and who, a few weeks after that, took the place of president in the Council of People’s commissars".


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