Backed by the Typewriter Clicks: People and Events

25 Apr–1 Sep 2018All exhibitions

The exhibition will tell you about the owners of the typewriters which were donated to the Museum in different time periods, about the fates of outstanding people, including the participants of 1917 revolution: G. F. Fedorov, G. A. Sinilov, N. E. Burenin. There are also the typewriters that used to belong to G. M. Krzyżanowski (who made a great contribution in the building of the Soviet power system; the famed intelligence officer A. S. Feklisov; the prominent scholar D. S. Likhachev and the renowned historian V. I. Startsev; V. I. Sytinsky, a samizdat activist, M. V. Naumenko, a rock musician, and the editor of the first USSR’s underground rock magazine A. V. Startsev.


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