New Start

On August 14, 1991, the Ministry of Culture of the USSR decided to change to the status of the museum renaming it to The State Museum of Political History of Russia. The time of a museum of one party had come to an end. The unique collection and experience of the employees made it possible to transform it into a museum where a wide range of political forces of Russia of the past and present were represented. In the early 1990s, when the staff members changed the name of the Museum and its conception, materials on various significant Russian political forces in 19-20 centuries were brought back into the museum rooms. It was a great step forward in their search for new approaches of how to show Russian political history in the museums. The exhibition "Democracy or dictatorship?", that was mostly devoted to the February Revolution, the October Uprising and the Civil War, was held in the Museum from 1991 until 2002. The Museum was working on developing a new modern exhibition on the history of the Russian Revolution in the 2000s.