The exhibition "Always be ready" opened
On May 19, 1922 at the 2nd National Conference of the Russian Communist Youth Union, it was resolved to establish pioneer units across the country. This day considered as the birthday of the pioneer organization.... more
Museum hosted the conference on 100th anniversary of illegal intellige...
The State Museum of Political History of Russia hosted the All-Russian scientific-practical conference “The activities of Russian foreign intelligence agencies in the XIX-XXI centuries” to the 100th anniversary... more
The exhibition “Exhibition "The word belongs to the President of the Council...
160 years ago Peter Stolypin was born - one of the most famous statesmen in the national history of the early twentieth century. To commemorate this anniversary, an exhibition opened in the museum's atrium... more
The exhibition “The Petrograd Process”
100 years ago, in March 1922, a massive anti-religious campaign to confiscate church treasures began in Soviet Russia, one of the most tragic pages in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church.... more
The exhibition “Who are you, Alexandra Kollontai?” opened
The exhibition dedicated to 150birth anniversary of a revolutionary, a politician and a diplomat opened at the museum. Photographs and letters, posters and brochures, newspaper articles... more
The exhibition “The Folk Talent Factory” opened
In the museum's atrium, the exhibition “The Folk Talent Factory” opened, dedicated to amateur creativity in the USSR. There are more than 50 photos included in the golden fund of national photojournalism.... more