"The History of Russian Parliamentarism"

Museum Editions
Collection of the State Museum of Political History of Russia. Only in Russian language.
665 rub.
Collection of the State Museum of Political History of Russia.  

This illustrated guide-book telling about the Museum exhibits concerning the history of Russian Parliamentarism was published on the threshold of celebration of the First State Duma centenary. It includes historical sketches, reviews of  museum objects systematic complexes, fragments of the catalogue and about 200 black and white and color photos.

The Museum collection comprises a lot of books, real documents, photographs and objects. Some of them are absolutely unique – for example, a bell from the hall of plenary sessions of the First Duma,  picture by V. Polyakov  "Ceremonial Opening of the State Duma" painted in 1907, a rich collection of handwritten forms filled in by deputies of the State Duma, a set of personal belongings of Prince S. Urusov, deputy of the First Duma, personal belongings and autographs of our contemporaries – Mikhail Gorbachev, Egor Gaidar, Galina Starovoitova, Anatoly Sobchak, etc. In the guide-book you can find the following sections: "Constitutional Projects of the 19th century", "The Duma Monarchy of 1906-1917",  "Organs of the Soviet Power carrying out Parliamentary Functions in 1917-1988", "Revival of Russian Parliamentarism in the late 20th - early 2st centuries".

The original structure of the text and its unusual polygraphic design make the guide-book a multi-functional edition which can be interesting  to both researchers and those interested in the political history of Russia.

SPb, 2006. Only in Russian language.