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New exposition is a picture of the Russian history of a large scale and many faces: tsars and subjects, rulers and people, leaders and crowds. In the last two centuries Russia survived wars, revolutions, reforms, dictatorship, and stagnation. What are the lessons and results of our history? What can be written off? What is already settled? What is awaiting developments?

The museum meeting is designated to those people who made their choices in the Russian history. Those are monarchists and republicans, radicals and conservatives, Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, whites and reds, leftists and rightists, liberals and statists. Ones won fame by their choices while others attained death; we gratefully appreciate some of them while shamefully remember the others. Somehow, it was a personal choice of our heroes. Among them there are the Emperor Alexander I and author of the Russian Law Code Mikhail Speransky, the Emperor Nicholas I and Decembrist Kondraty Ryleyev, the Emperor Alexander II and son of a peasant Ilya Sorokin, Alexander Kerensky and Vladimir Lenin, Stalin’s opponent and critic Martemyan Ryutin, marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, Richard Sorge and others.

Political decisions mature in the corridors of power and are made in the offices. Politics is often made in the streets and squares. In our tour, we remember crucial events in the political history of Russia over the last centuries, and determine our attitude to them and maybe consider our place and role in the current history of Russia.
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