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Matilda Kshesinskaya, a prima ballerina of the Imperial theatres, owned a mansion in the Kronverksky prospect that was in the thick of the revolutionary events in 1917.
The Revolution forced Kshesinskaya to leave her house as well as her country. What happened to the mansion next? What was the fate of its owner? Personal belongings, archival documents, and photos (many of which are shown to the public for the first time) tell us about it.
During the tour, we remember young Malechka infatuated the future Emperor Nicholas II, Little K who easily made 32 fouettes in a row, passionate Matilda, Madame 17 who enjoyed a game of roulette and finally the Duchesse Romanovskaya-Krasinskaya, faithful wife and caring mother. All these women are Matilda Kshesinskaya bestowed by a great longevity (1872–1971).
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