Man and Power in Russia in the 19th – 21th Centuries

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Exposition “Man and Power in Russia in the 19th – 20th Centuries” deals with relations of a man and a government at crucial points of the domestic history. The sections of the exposition, and reflect the key events of our history: change of political systems and wars, revolutions and reforms, periods of power liberalization and dictatorship strengthening. The exhibits and artistic objects, eyewitness testimonies and “voices of history” show, how actions of those responsible for decision making and ordinary people influenced upon the course of history.
The exposition area, unusual in terms of its design, allows each visitor to create his/her own picture of the Russian political history, which events are evaluated from different viewpoints.
The exposition “Man and Power in Russia in the 19th – 20th Centuries” is situated in the central part of the museum on the ground and first floors. The ground floor allows a visitor to see the events and heroes of the domestic history of the 19th – early 20th centuries, whereas the first floor shows the events and heroes of the Soviet and post Soviet era. Final section of the exposition will be located on the second floor, and will show modern political realities.
Special thanks of the Museum for the submitted documents and materials are given to the following organizations:
Central State Archive of Documentary Films and Photographs, State Archive of the Russian Federation, Archive of Federal Security Service of Russia, Archive of President of the Russian Federation, Central State Archive of Ancient Documents, National Library of Russia, Tver Documentation Center of Contemporary History, State Memorial Complex “Mednoye”, State Memorial Complex “Katyn”, International Memorial Complex; television companies: NTV, RTR, DTV.
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