Russia and the World in the XIX – XXth centuries

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The exhibition “Russia and the World” is dedicated to the key processes of world political history of the 19th and 20th centuries, in the context of which we are trying to convey the crucial events in our country. The main focus is the positioning and foreign policy of Russia in the global community. The events of national history cannot be comprehended outside the history of the World. Such turning points as the French Revolution, the
Napoleonic war, and both world wars undoubtedly impacted the Russian history. But the significant events of our history, including the 1917 Revolution, Perestroika, the collapse of the USSR, also had a serious impact on world civilization. The World has always influenced Russia, and Russia has always influenced the World. This  interconnection was most vividly and distinctly delineated in the 19th–20th centuries.
“The long XIX century” and “the short XX century”, as defined by the English historian Eric Hobsbawm, were saturated with global events and changes. New political ideologies were born and spread, which changed the government policies; empires emerged and disappeared; wars raged across entire continents. The desire of nations to be independent has repeatedly radically changed the political map of the world. In this difficult period, the role of Russia in the World also changed. For some people, Russia has become a liberator, a defender, the forefront of social progress, for others, it has been a “gendarme”, a revolutionary troublemaker, an “evil empire”. Such conflicting statements definitely highlight the important and multifaceted role of this country in world history and in the international arena.
In this hall, you will find out why the history of our country was exactly as we know it today, and how the mutual influence between Russia and the World was formed.

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