Opening of the exhibition «Backed by the Typewriter Clicks: People and Events»

The exhibition "Backed by the Typewriter Clicks: People and Events" was opened in The State Museum of Political History of Russia. The typewriters of famous revolutionaries, politicians and artists are shown there. Visitors will see typewrites of Gleb Krzhizhanovsky, on which he printed the GOELRO plan, the secret service agent Alexander Feklisov, the scientist Dmitry Likhachev, the editor of the first in the USSR samizdat rock magazine Alexander Startsev, the rock musician Mike Naumenko and other famous people.

The exhibition was opened on the anniversary of a unique invention: in 2018, 150 years have passed since the day that the American Christopher Scholes patented a typewriter. Six years later, significantly improved it was released with the name "Remington No. 1". The appearance of a typewriter has led to changes in many areas of human activity. For decades, the typewriter was the main working tool of writers, philosophers, and journalists. In the USSR, rare or forbidden texts were distributed with the help of typewriters.

"The collection of typewriters made by the museum is small, but very interesting," - said Svetlana Khodakovskaya, chief curator of The State Museum of Political History of Russia. "The exhibition features typewriters from such famous brands as Continental, Mignon, Remington. Each of them has it`s own history and can tell about a person that owned it."

"We tried to create an atmosphere of living history - here you can see not only rare historical copies of typewriters, but also portraits of people they belonged to, get acquainted with the history of their lives and memories and even hear their voices," - added Elena Andrianova, the curator of the museum.

You can touch the keys and print a few lines in the interactive corner of the exhibition. It will work until the end of September.

Photos were made by Tatyana Gord and Alexander Makarenkov.

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