Around the Winter Palace 1917

On Tuesday, May 16th, the authors and creators of the book, Around the Winter Palace 1917, held a book presentation in the White Hall of the Museum of Political History. The presenters of the book were Evgenii Shlemovich Gontmakher, Irina Dmitrievna Kantemirova, and Yuliia Zorakhovna Kantor. The book, by using a variety of sources from museums like the Hermitage, the Anna Akhmatova Museum, and the Museum of Political History, attempts to show not just what happened in this year of revolution, but how it happened.

Around the Winter Palace 1917, published by printing press, “Political Encyclopedia, comprises nineteenth chapters and was created by eight authors. The collection of little known materials from museum archives presented through graphics illustrates the events of the revolution step by step and minute by minute, which is the most important way to view revolution, according to Yullia Zorakhovna.

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