Common rules

1.To enter the museum a visitor should purchase a ticket at the museum ticket office.
To get special admission a visitor should present a relevant document.

2. Guided tours may be booked at the reception desk in the Atrium of the Museum or by phone (812)233-70-52.

3. Children guided tours should be accompanied by one or two adults.

4. Audioguides or audiopens are available for additional fee.

5. Guided tours around the Museum may be performed only by a museum guide.

6. If you have any questions relating museum services, please contact the museum staff at the information desk located in the atrium. For further information, please visit our website:

7. Accessible facilities for visitors with limited mobility:
а) The elevator and accessible toilet are available in the Atrium of the Museum.
b) The central exhibition "Man and Power in Russia in XIX-XXI centuries" is accessible for visitors with limited mobility. All other museum halls are not equipped with an elevator. All expositions and exhibitions of the museum are equipped with modern technical means to allow visitors with disabilities to listen exposition texts (audio guides and audio pens).

8. Personal photography is allowed; however, the use of tripods, flash or supplementary lighting is not permitted in the rooms. Commercial photography or video cameras are not permitted without written permission. Reproduction or publishing of photographs in printed or electronic media is not allowed without Museum permission.

9. The Museum provides a Wardrobe and Left Luggage Service where visitors should leave umbrellas, back-packs, bags and packages.

10. You may leave coats in the cloakroom.

11. Visitors wearing spike heels should use felt slippers, which are available in the cloakroom, or take shoe covers.

12. In order to preserve the historic interiors of the Kshesinskaya’s Mansion, all guests to the Museum are required to wear disposable shoe covers upon entering the White Hall and walk on carpet.
Entrance to the Winter Garden is closed for visitors.

13. Visitors can take a break and eat and drink in the Museum Cafeteria and in the Atrium.

14. Visitors should follow the instructions or requests from security staff.

15. Folders with English texts are provided in the exhibition rooms.

16. Visitors can leave comments, suggestions and feedback in guestbooks in the Atrium and in exhibition rooms.

Prohibited Behavior:

17. The use of tripods, spotlights or other equipment and commercial shooting without written permission.

18. Food and drink in the exhibit areas.

19. No touching exhibits or any parts of installations except for items in interactive areas.

20. Smoking within the Museum territory.

21. Visiting the Museum in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

22. Visiting the Museum with pets.

23. Visiting the museum with weapons and firearms, flammable, explosive or toxic substances.

24. Enter staff-only areas.

25. Carry out unauthorized commercial activity.

26. To avoid bothering others, the use of mobile phones, loud talking, shouting and running is not permitted inside exhibition halls.


• In case of noticing suspicious objects, parcels, handbags and other unattended items, visitors should immediately notify security or museum staff.

• For the safety and security of our visitors, staff and exhibits, most areas of the Museum are protected by CCTV.

• Violation of these Rules, causing any damage to the property of the Museum will lead to the material, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation.

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