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We offer you Audioguides in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese (extra price):

− Visitors can use an audio-pen (available in English, German, Spanish), the interactive audio-guide, for the expositions: "Man and State Power in Russia in the 19th – 20st Centuries", "Revolution in Russia: 1917 - 1922", "Matilda Kshesinskaya: Fouettes of Fate".

− We also offer an audioguide for the expositions"Man and State Power in Russia in the 19th – 20st Centuries" (available in French, Italian, Chinese, Korean), "The Soviet Epoch: Between Utopia And Reality" (available in English, German, French), "Empire on the Way to Modernization. Russia in the 19th – Early 20th Centuries" (available in English), "Revolution in Russia: 1917 - 1922"  (available in Korean), and memorials rooms "The Secretariat  of Bolshevik Party", "Vladimir Lenin's Office" (available in English, German, French).

All expositions have introducing texts in English.

We also present to your attention our Museum guides at the audio tours service IZI.Travel. Free download to your mobile device. We offer:

− Tour "The museum top-list: curiosities, relics, memorabilia, art objects" which presents 50 memorabilia of our collection and information about the mansions, where our Museum is situated.

− City audio tour "Petrograd. 1917" which take you to the places where the most important events of the 1917 revolution has happened.

− City audio tour "Around Troitskaya square". The walk will eventually bring you to cruiser "Aurora" while every site along the way will introduce you to one of the pages of Russia’s political history.

− City audio tour "The unofficial poetry of Petrograd/Leningrad: a literary guided tour" invites you to a guided tour of memorable poetic places of our city that harbored the proud and free spirit of the unofficial and uncensored poetry of the twentieth century.

− City audio tour "Constructivism: between utopia and reality" invites you on a walking tour around Petrogradskaya Side area.

− City audio tour "Political assassinations. Individual terror" is about acts of individual terror that took place in Saint-Petersburg during the second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries. The tour refers to the places, where the events unfolded.

The application is available in AppStore, GooglePlay and Windows Phone Store.

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