Rules of stay under the current epidemiological situation

In accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, we have taken measures to protect your health and safe inspection of the exhibitions:

1 We recommend that you wear protective mask. Individual protective equipment can be purchased from the museum cash desk. 

2 The museum staff makes visual control of the visitors' health condition. Visitors with expressed signs of infectious disease will be refused a visit to the museum. We ask you to treat this measure with understanding.

3 You can use hand sanitizers installed in the museum.

4 Visiting the museum, follow the routes indicated. They will help to keep the distance and avoid counterflow of visitors. 

5 Museum audio guides should be disinfected after each visitor. The audio guides are provided at the administrator's desk.

6 The museum premises are regularly wet cleaned with disinfectants of virulicide effect, airing, disinfection of contact surfaces. 

7 The museum offers tours for groups up to 20 people. Other formats of public events and group visits are not yet permitted. Please check by phone. 8 812 233-70-52. 

8 Pre-registration for the museum visit is not required. 

In the interest of personal safety and public health, we ask that you observe all the above precautions. We will begin to progressively ease restrictions as soon as the epidemiological situation stabilizes. Relevant information will be posted on the museum website and social networks in a timely manner.

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