New exhibits: cold weapons and coins of the 19th – early 20th centuries

On July 14, 2021, the Management of the Ministry of Culture of Russia in the North-Western Federal District handed over to the museum materials from the Kingisepp customs office. These are cold weapons - two bayonet knives in sheaths from the Tokarev carabine, as well as coins belonging to 19 - early 20 centuries.

Items have passed art history examination of the Management of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation on the preservation of cultural values in Saint - Petersburg. The earliest coin received is a 2 kopecks coin minted in 1814, during the reign of Alexander I. Such coins issued from 1810 to 1830.

Next one is a copper coin dated from 1844, worth 1 kopeck. Similar coins issued from 1839 to 1847, during the reign of Nicholas I.

The next coin dates back to the reign of Alexander II. This is the 1 kopeck of 1862. Such coins were minted from 1855 to 1967.


Another four coins minted during the reign of Nicholas II: 5 kopecks of 1905, 2 kopecks of 1907, 10 kopecks and 20 kopecks of 1910.

Completes the list of coins worth half a kopeck, issued in 1927.

The cold weapons and numismatics items will complement the museum's collection, help to create an idea of the development of military and minting in our country and become exhibits in the future.

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