The exhibition “Posters at War” opened at the Danish Poster Museum

In July, the Danish Poster Museum in Aarhus opened an exhibition devoted to posters of World War II. The exhibits include posters from the collection of the Museum of Political History of Russia. In total, our museum sent seven images to the exhibition, including the posters of the «Battle Pencil».

According to the museum's website, the posters for the exhibition came from various countries, including members of the anti-Hitler coalition, as well as from the former «Axis countries» - allies of Nazi Germany in World War II.

The posters reflect the mood of the time, convey the style of the era and show the influence propaganda had on the minds and attitudes of people.

The exhibition sheds light on everyday life in wartime. Street agitation helps to see what citizens were warning about and what precautions they had to take. The exhibits also focus on women`s role in the war, and how important women's work was for different branches of industry and agriculture.

The exhibition at the Danish Poster Museum is open until the end of the year.

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