Night of Museums - 2015

May 16 at 18.00 to begin the program Night of Museums 2015 at the Museum of Political History of Russia on the street. Kuibyshev 2-4 (the program "Memory" will last until 6 am on May 17) and the Children's Museum of the historic center of education on Bolotnaya str., 13 (the program "drive, keep watch and see" will last until May 16, 23.00).

The Night of Museums 2015. The "Memory"

Night museum route connected the theme "Memory" exhibition, new and specially prepared for the exhibition and share interactive areas. The route starts from the atrium - Decorations interactive space "to itself a head," creating the conditions for reflection on the purpose of socially responsible man, the creator of culture and memory space. The main targets are the areas of installation and memoirs.

There is an exhibition of experimental photography Lara Stein "point of no return. The emotional memory." It is a visual study of human memory where the photos are presented as a three-dimensional composition of several layers, allowing the viewer to be a direct participant in what is happening in the picture.

The theme of military and historical memory is revealed to museum exhibitions "The Liberation of Europe" and "Remembering the war."

The theme of memory space and topographical memory disclosed in the photo exhibition "Historical and literary department of the Soviet era," and in the collection of large-format photographs of historical interiors of the mansion of Matilda Kshesinskaia presented in different spaces of the mansion.

Guests who came to the museum in the night, were able to visit the interactive areas: "Body Memory" - the museum's costume wardrobe and props, and "Small boards for memory" - a place of acquaintance with the rules, expand the possibilities of the human mind.

For visitors who came on bicycles, were prepared "Memorable historical and literary routes" linking the museums participating city action.

The program began on May 16 in 18.00, and lasted until 6 am on 17 May.

The Night of Museums 2015 at Bolotnaya str., 13. The "Chasing, keep watch and see"

Smyslov core of the museum route of the evening is the idea of ​​memory, thanks to which humanity as a whole and each particular person alone have the opportunity to establish links between the past and the future.

Books, things, pictures, walls of an old house will be the main hook of memory in an interactive theatrical tour "Memory: What? Where? When?", Which is held at the museum every half hour, starting at 18.00 (first session) and up to 22.30 (last session) .

Program participants will learn:

- What is the memory,

- How to preserve the memory of family archives,

- Like board games help develop memory

- What is the "room of Cicero"

and see a mini-play "Horse surname" (theater "Consent").

In the garden of the museum organized an interactive area for children, parents and all visitors to the theme "Memory of Our Childhood":

 - "Zapominalka" (20 mnemoformul on different areas of knowledge)

- Child's play stations "memory book"

- Yard games 1980-1990-ies (shtander "rezinochka", etc.)

- March-performance "People and Angels" (theater "Karnavalchik")

- Dancing on stilts in the "animated step" Theatre "Sho".

We are waiting for you at the Children's Museum of the historic center of education on Marsh Street. 13 (Art. M. Area of ​​Courage) May 16 from 18.00 to 23.00.

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