Programs for the whole family for 9, May

Dear visitors

May 9, the day of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, we invite you to visit the Museum of Political History of the program Russia for the whole family. Entrance to the museum that day is free!

12.00 - program for children 9-13 years of "Memories of War"
It's about the life of children and adults in the evacuation of the occupied territories and the Soviet Union. At the heart of a class - memories of witnesses of those years, documents, posters, things wartime. Children will see fragments of feature films about the war.

13.00 - tour of the new exhibition "The Liberation of Europe"

13.30 - Master-class for children from 7 years, "Draw the poster for the 70th anniversary of Victory" at the exhibition "War Poster - Poster Victory"

15.00 - concert at the White Hall of the Concert of classical and modern music performed by the teachers' DSHI on the Petrograd "(Tango" Burnt by the Sun ", Paris Tango, №5 Hungarian Dance by Brahms, Vivaldi's Little Symphony, and others.)

Admission to all events is free.
The need for pre-registration by phone. 7 (812) 233-70-52.

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