Opening of the “Man at war” photo exhibition. The 70th anniversary of the end of World War II

The State Museum of Political History of Russia continues the tradition of exhibiting its repository collections connected to significant historical dates.

The "Man at war" exhibition contains the works of military photojournalists made during 1941-1945 which were not exhibited previously. The exhibition includes photographs of famous masters: B.P. Kudoyarov, G.I. Lugovoi, Y.N. Khalip, N.I. Khandogin, and I.A. Fetisov. In their pictures the daily life in the war, even in peaceful scenes is a line between life and death. The works of professionals are aligned with pictures of amateur photographers - war veterans, who handed in the photographs from their personal archives to the museum.

The exhibition shows the actions of partisan detachments in the enemy's rear, everyday life of soldiers of the Red Army, the battles progress and preparations for them, the life and work of women, children and old men in the rear.

The photos of the Second Front opening, rare photos of allies' joint actions, pictures that convey the horrors of Hiroshima atomic bombing help to understand the disaster the world was close to at that time.

The collection includes the works that have their own history: the photos of two generations of Pristavko family, who managed to pass along all the roads of war; a portrait of a soldier made a few minutes before his death; a photo of a collective farmer passing the Guards standard saved in the battle to the soldiers of the Soviet Army.

The exhibition is a kind of a dialogue between the past and present, which gives hope that the present generation will never allow to repeat such tragedies.

The works of photojournalists and veterans' witnesses give a chance 70 years after the war see, understand and appreciate the heroic deed of a man at war and appeal never forget the price of victory.
The authors appreciate the help of the State Museum and Exhibition Centre of Photography "Rosfoto" and the Russian State Archive of Documentary Films and Photographs (RSADFP),Krasnogorsk in the preparation of the exhibition.

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