Opening of the exhibition “Revolution through the Eyes of the Artist”

110 years ago, Russia for the first time in its history faced such a socio-political phenomenon as the revolution, which was caused by acute problems in the socio-political and economic spheres of the Russian Empire. Later, it was called the First Russian Revolution.

The State Museum of the Revolution, with the State Museum of Political History of Russia (SMPHR) being the legal successor thereof, since the first days of its establishment in October 1919, has gathered exhibits on the 1905-1907 Revolution history. Paintings and graphic works as well as the museum’s collection of postcards of those years are of great interest for studying the events of 1905-1907. The artworks, made by contemporaries on the heels of the revolution, carry the historical authenticity. Therefore, the fine art of that period is an important historical source, depicting the events and participants of the First Russian Revolution. Moreover, the art works had snapped certain mood in the public consciousness.

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