News from 2016


Opening of the exhibition «Dmitry Likhachev. What Matters. Marking the 110th birth anniversary»

This exhibition of the State Museum of Political History of Russia is dedicated to the outstanding scholar, social activist, opinion leader, the first honorary citizen of Saint-Petersburg, member of the...
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Opening of the exhibition «Food is a state matter!»

Exhibition shows strong connection between big politics and everyday life. And food service industry is one of the most important parts of the latter.
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Opening of the exhibition «Mysteries of Political Murders: the Gapon and Rasputin cases»

The exhibition's goals are not to simply retell the biographies of Gapon and Rasputin, but instead to investigate the reasons behind their deaths and what political and public forces, or even specific...
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Opening of the exhibition «FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS… Wars and armed conflicts of the XXI century»

The State Museum of the Political History of Russia presents the photography exhibition «FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS…Wars and armed conflicts of the XXI century», which was co-organized by the International...
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Opening of the exhibition «The Czechoslovak Legion in Russia. 1914-1920»

The exhibition is organized by the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in St. Petersburg jointly with the Czechoslovak Legionnaires Society and Military attaché of the Embassy of the Czech Republic...
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Opening of the exhibition «Secret service agent Alexander Feklisov: the “hot” routine of the Cold Wa

The exhibition is based on authentic photos, documents and personal belongings from Alexander Feklisov's archive, which were partially donated to the museum by his daughter Natalia Asatur. The museum...
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The visit of museum specialists from the USA throughout the program «Museum landing»

On February 3d, 2016, the museum specialists from the USA, participants of the program of international museum exchange "Museum landing", visited Museum of Political History of Russia.
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Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin visited the Museum of Political History of Russia

Chairman of the StateDuma Sergey Naryshkin visited the Museum of Political History on 10 September 2016. He was accompanied to the exhibitions “Man and Power in Russia in the XIX–XX Centuries” and “The...
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Seminar “Implementation of European Convention on Human Rights – Norwegian and Russian experience”

On 11 October 2016 in a Museum of Political History of Russia took place aseminar “Implementation of European Convention on Human Rights – Norwegian and Russian experience”.The participants were greeted...
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Opening of the exhibition «Georgy Plekhanov: the Apostle of Russian Marxism»

The exhibition is dedicated to the most influential Russian labour movement theorist, thinker and revolutionary activist, the founder of Social-Democracy in Russia, Georgy Plekhanov.More...
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Museum Olympus 2016

On 3 December 2016, during the 5th Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum, the Atrium of the General Staff building of the State Hermitage became the setting for the prize-giving ceremony of the...
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Opening of the exhibition «Conscious choice: Electoral Techniques and the Electorate»

The exposition is divided into sections: "Formation of an attractive image," "Presentation of the election program," " Work with "their" voters," "Attraction and retaining the attention of voters," which...
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