Exhibition about guerrillas and underground fighters during World War II is opened

On 18 September 2020 exhibition “Guerrillas and underground fighters during World War II” was opened.

Exhibition opened in the year of Memory and Honor, tells about popular resistance of 1941-1945 at occupied lands by Hitlerite Germany. Weapon, leaflets, photographs, maps, personal belongings show how guerrilla movement had become important contribution to the victory.

Opening of exhibition began with welcoming address by Elena Konstantinovna Kostyusheva, Deputy Director of Scientific Work. She said: “This exhibition is the most important exhibition of the museum project “Way to Victory. Resistance” at the range of history and diversity of presented exhibits’ – she said.

Then Alexander Ivanovich Veretin, Chairman of the Leningrad Joint Council of partisan veterans, guerillas and their descendants, told about activity of the Council memorializing Leningrad guerrillas. He donated Commemorative medal "Partisan glory of Leningrad" to the museum.

Alexander Pavlovich Smirnow, curator of the exhibition, told about history of its creation, about gathering exhibits for exhibition ranging from military years. “The main topic of exhibition is a choice of a person, who found himself on the occupied territory and decided to struggle against invaders with weapon in his hands. At the exhibition this choice is demonstrated by example of definite people” – said A. Smirnov. At the end of his speech he thanked colleagues, participated in creation of exhibition especially Lyubov Petrovna Efremova, Head of Fund Accounting, who prompted idea of creating exhibition.

Exhibition is opened till the end of 2020.

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