The opening of the exhibition «A writer of the revolution»

The State Museum of Political History of Russia opened the exhibition "A writer of the revolution" for the 150th anniversary of the artist Ivan Vladimirov (1870-1947). The exhibition presents about 30 works by Vladimirov from the collection of the museum - pictorial works and graphics. Among the exhibited works, there are "Dispersal of demonstration on Nevsky Prospeсt 9 January 1905", "Battle of Presnya", "Arrest of the generals", "Rebellion of the peasants".

"Vladimirov lived and worked in a period of great turmoil, war and revolution. The artist accurately and heartily described the events in which he was a participant", - said at the opening of the exhibition director of the State Museum of Political History of Russia Evgeny Artemov.

Vladimirov fixed the details, trying to convey a sense of time. Thus, the artist saw with his own eyes the shooting of a demonstration in St. Petersburg on January 9, 1905. The artist devoted several paintings to the tragic events of Bloody Sunday and episodes of the brutal massacre of demonstrators. From 1917 to 1918, Vladimirov worked for the Petrograd police, and it is a large cycle of documentary sketches dedicate to that time, some of which can be seen at the exhibition.

According to Alexey Boyko, the curator of the exhibition, today Vladimirov is important for us, first of all, as a correspondent artist, and his sketches are more interesting than the paintings those were made by order.

Vladimirov enthusiastically accepted the February Revolution, but it is difficult to judge which side the painter took during the October coup. It is impossible to draw an unambiguous conclusion that Vladimirov supported the Bolsheviks. "Most likely, the artist was above the battle, in his works he reflected the era," - says Artemov.

The exhibition will be open until February 26.

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