Museum’s branch on Gorochovaya, 2 is reopened for the visitors

A branch of The Museum of political history of Russia “2 Gorochovaya str. History of political police and public security organs of Russia in XIX-XX centuries” is reopened to the public.

The updated exhibition displays history of Russian intelligence agency from establishment of the III Section of His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancellery until 1953. The Museum is located on Gorochovaya str., 2 in the building where Russian and soviet secret services were working more than 50 years.

First part of exhibition introduces us with activity of the III Section of His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancellery (1826-1917) and Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior (1880-1917). Visitors will know how the struggle with propaganda of revolutionary ideas in Russia happened, which role the censorship played in that aspect; visitors will see materials about investigation of murder of Alexander II and Prime Minister P. Stolypin. There are protocols of interrogation of writers and terrorists, a suitcase with double low, vest for transportation illegal literature, the underground press is recreated, agents dressing-room (surveillance staff’s) and “black” room for secret examining of private correspondence.

Second room is dedicated to the history of the soviet public security organs after October 1917 and before moving of the soviet government to Moscow in March 1918. Office of chairman of Cheka-OGPU F. Dzerzhinskiy of particular importance in the exhibition. Historical interiors of office were recreated at the beginning of 1970s. Last part of exhibition tells the history of the soviet public security organs from March 1918, when the Petrograd Cheka was established in the city until events, connected with the death of I. Stalin in 1953.

During opening of new exhibition, headmaster of the Museum of political history of Russia, Evgeniy Artemov gave thanks to all of the people who took part in work on the draft – team and its leader, head of branch, Oksana Alexeeva, keeper of funds, painters and advisors. Headmaster noted that main work was realized during pandemic, but even these circumstances haven’t influenced on implementation of plans.

As Oksana Alexeeva said, “2 Gorochovaya str.” branch have changed in 5 years because of work of two incumbents. “During this time new museum was created and we hope it will be interesting”, - she said. She thanked donators: “As soon as donators know that we are creating a new museum, they donated to us for permanent storage personal belongings of their relatives and friends”.

Together with new permanent exhibition another new exhibition was opened in the museum - “2 Gorochovaya str.”: Governorate…Сheka…Museum”, which tells the history of building.


New working hours of the branch: Wednesday-Sunday from 10.00 -18.00

Day off – Monday and Tuesday, and also the last Wednesday of each month.

The entrance is from Admiralteiskiy prospect,6.

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