News from 2018


Opening of the exhibition «I will tell you an anecdote»

The unusual exhibition which is called «I will tell you an anecdote», was opened at the Museum of political history of Russia, that offers to look on the past of our country through the political humor....
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Opening of the exhibition «A Must-Visit»

New exhibition is dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the First All-Russian Agricultural and Handicraft Exhibition in 1923.
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Exhibition “Material evidence”

The exhibition “Boris Kreitser. A folder of Sketches. “Material evidence” was opened on the 26th of October in The Museum of Political History of Russia. The museum exhibits were provided by the Museum...
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Opening of the exhibition «Backed by the Typewriter Clicks: People and Events»

The typewriters of famous revolutionaries, politicians and artists
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Opening of the exhibition ro the 100-year formation of Czechoslovakia

In the Museum of the Political History of Russia, a new exhibition has opened called, “The Czechoslovakian State: 1918-1989. To the 100-year Formation of Czechoslovakia.” The exhibition covers more than...
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FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

During the World Cup, The State Museum of Political History of Russia was visited by people who did not only come to the football matches, but also those who are interested in Russia and its rich...
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Opening of the exhibition “I swear that I will faithfully serve the people!”

Before the presidential elections, the museum opened an exhibition recounting the formation of the office of the presidency in our country from 1990 to 1993.
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Opening of the exhibition «Karl Marx: Image and Symbol»

The exhibits show how in Soviet Russia the canonical image of the founder of the revolutionary doctrine was formed.
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Opening of the exposition «The Empire on the Way to Modernisation. Russia in the XIXth – Early XXth

The exposition showcases the history of major political and economic reforms of 19th- early 20th centuries in Russia. Rare archival documents, photos, posters, magazines and newsreels will show the inner...
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Meet our new logo!

On the eve of the centenary, we decided to renew our visual identity
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Opening of the exhibition «Celebrating the first anniversary of October in Petrograd»

The exhibition "Celebrating the first anniversary of October in Petrograd" from the series "The painting as a document of the epoch" presents sketches of the festive decoration of Petrograd in 1918, as...
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Opening of the exhibition “But we are in commune now!”

In the atrium of the museum, there is an exhibition "But we are in a commune now! Petrograd in 1918-1921".
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Opening of the exhibition “Bamboo and Birch”

150 archival photographs tell about how POWs of the Russo-Japanese war 1904–1905 were kept, how their daily life looked like
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The presentation of Vereshchagin's painting «The execution of Conspirators in Russia»

In 2017, the canvas was given to The Tretyakov Gallery for restoration and participation in the exhibition, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the painter.
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