Opening of the exhibition «A Must-Visit»

New exhibitionis dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the First All-Russian Agricultural and Handicraft Exhibition in 1923.

The exhibition that was held in 1923, marked as the beginning of the exhibition business in Soviet Union and became the forerunner of the All-Union agricultural exhibitions, The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy and the current All-Russian Exhibition Center.

Exhibition "A Must-Visit" in The State Museum of Political History of Russia tells how the All-Russian agricultural and handicraft industry exhibition was created and held. Becoming a phenomenon of the first years of the USSR, it contributed to the development of progressive farming methods, the introduction of new crops and animal breeds. To its creation, scientists with a worldwide reputation were attracted: N.I. Vavilov, A.V. Chayanov, the best artistic forces: A. Shchusev, V. Mukhina, F. Shekhtel and others.

At the opening of the exhibition, the museum's general director Yevgeny Artemov recalled the creation of the exhibition in 1923. "It was a breakthrough. The archetypal task of attracting peasants and foreign investments to the exhibition was solved," - Evgeni Artemov said. Then he thanked all the partners who participated in the creation of the exhibition: the Russian State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents, the State Archives of Russian Federation, the Russian State Archive of Economics, the State Museum of Architecture of A. Shchusev, the Russian Ethnographic Museum, and the artist-designer, the Honored Architect of Russian Federation B. Bejder and the general director of LLC «Maxima» S. Khapaeva.

The main curator of the museum Svetlana Khodakovskaya emphasized that the museum exhibition presents many unique original exhibits, and along with them, there are also several specially created models that will help visitors to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of the exhibition.

Then the members of the author's group of the exhibition also said some words: Alexey Boyko, Elena Andrianova and Valentina Ushakova.

The exhibition is open to visitors from June 30 until the end of 2018.

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