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This year The Museum of Political History of Russia celebrates it’s 99th birthday. On the eve of the centenary, we decided to renew our visual identity, together with “Projector Studio” under the leadership of Mitya Harshak we developed a new brand style.

Liliya Kuraeva, Deputy General Director for scientific and educational work said:
“Search for identity, expressed in the image, was difficult but fascinating, it was connected with understanding of the role of a particular museum in the world of culture. Mitya Harshak suggested several images, as a result one of them was chosen (this choice was not easy), new logo will be associated with The Museum of Political History of Russia”.

Mitya Harshak, a designer and founder of “Projector Studio” said:
“I congratulate The Museum of political history of Russia on its birthday and on upcoming centenary! I’m proud of that the museum comes to the new century of its history with a radically updated language of visual communication developed in our Studio”.

The new identity refers to the ideas of the Russian avant-garde and the concept of time, expressed in the image of the clock.

Liliya Kuraeva:
“This image has absorbed how we understand the purpose our museum and what we strive for. It is a fusion of two important concepts – avant-garde (modern vision) and time (the fourth dimension of all things). Both measures are very important for the museum, which saves and interprets history of human relations, society and power”.

Mitya Harshak:
“In close cooperation with colleagues from the museum we implemented the project, which looks not only to the future, but also respects the past. I am sure that the new identity will be an effective tool to expand the museum's audience.
It was important for us to incarnate the identity of museum as a modern cultural institution, conducting a dialogue with its audience in the modern figurative language”.

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