Opening of the exhibition “Germans in Russian History”

A new, traveling exhibited titled “Germans in Russian History” has opened at the State Museum of the Political History of Russia. The exhibit is dedicated to the more than three hundred-year history of Russian-Germans—from the first colonies on the Volga to modern German ethnic regions in Russia. The exhibit introduces unique documents, maps, engravings and photographs from museums and archives across both Russia and Germany.

More than one hundred guests gathered for the opening of the exhibit, including representatives from the Consulate General of Germany, the Fund for the Support and Development of Russian-German Relations “The Russian-German Meeting Center”, the Saint Petersburg House of Nationalities and the International Union of German Culture. The “Lorelei” ensemble performed traditional German songs.

In his welcoming speech, General Director of the museum Evgeny Artemov recalled the long history of cooperation between the museum and organizations which are involved in the development of Russian-German relations. The director of the Fund for the Support and Development of Russian-German Relations, “The Russian-German Meeting Center”, Arina Nemkova thanked the museum for the space provided for the exhibit and gifted the museum library two books regarding the history of German colonies in Russia. “Visitors to the State Museum of the Political History of Russia have a unique chance to see, in one project, high-quality copies of artifacts from different museums across the country” said Egor Lopachev at the opening of the exhibit. Materials provided by several regional and cultural museums across the country, as well as artifacts from the private collections of Russian-Germans, tell about the life of the German migrants.

The exhibit, “Germans in Russian History” was prepared in 2012 by the International Union of German Culture, with the financial support of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation and the German Ministry of Internal Affairs. The exhibition has already been featured in many cities in Russia. The exhibit will be at the State Museum of the Political History of Russian until March 27th.

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