The museum celebrated its 100th anniversary

The State Museum of Political History of Russia hosted a gala evening dedicated to the anniversary of the museum. Representatives of the administration, foreign consuls, employees of city museums, historians and numerous partners came on October 10 to congratulate the museum administration and its employees.

The event began with a tour of the exhibition «The Museum of Special Purpose. To the 100th anniversary of State Museum of Political History of Russia», which tells about the difficult but interesting fate of the museum. Then the director of the museum Evgeny Artemov addressed the guests with a welcoming speech. He thanked his friends and partners who came to congratulate the museum staff: «Thank you to everyone who is ready to share our celebration on this important day. For many years we have been connected by professional cooperation, common projects and friendship. We cherish your attitude to our museum and staff», - Artemov said. He reminded the audience of the difficult path that the museum had travelled before becoming a modern State Museum of Political History of Russia. «We are proud of being appeared on the museum map of the country in August 1991 in a new capacity, we have taken a worthy place among the leading historical museums of the country», - concluded Artemov.

«It is difficult to find a place with a more professional, profound and at the same time accurate understanding of Russian history», - said Konstantin Sukhenko, Chairman of the Committee on Culture of Saint-Petersburg Administration. According to him, «everything here is clever, professional and accurate». «The fact that there is such a museum in Saint-Petersburg is a great value for our entire city and country, as well as for thousands of foreign tourists who come to Saint-Petersburg to understand the history of Russia», - said Sukhenko.

Long-term friendly relations connect the staff of the museum and the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Saint-Petersburg of Alexander Shishlov. «After all, human rights and protection of human dignity are very much in common with the themes that the museum tells about in its exhibitions», - said Shishlov. According to him, «here we can comprehend what the neglect of human life and human rights leads to. Thank you for what you are doing!» - concluded Shishlov.

The museum was congratulated by the General Consul of Germany in Saint-Petersburg, Eltier Aderhold, the Consul of Germany, Hugo de Chavanyak, the prosecutor of the Leningrad region, Boris Markov, as well as historians, employees of museums, archives and young historians who are educated in the Children's History Museum.

The museum expresses its gratitude to the sponsors of the ceremony: Bank «Saint- Petersburg», catering company «Biscuit Banquet», the company «Maintenance of Real Estate» (group of companies Service-NSB), as well as to the media partners: «Panorama

TV» magazine, TV channel «Saint-Petersburg», Radio of Russia, the newspaper «Saint-Petersburg Vedomosti».

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