Political Theatre of the USSR

The State Museum of Political History of Russia opened the exhibition «Political Theatre of the USSR» which tells about the important social role of the theatre in the Soviet era. Photos, posters, programmes, reviews and feedbacks of the audience show how the theatre influenced the worldview and moral attitudes of the Soviet man. The exhibition is based on the museum's collection and covers the period from the Khrushchev thaw to Perestroika.

The General Director of the museum Evgeny Artemov in his opening speech emphasized that the theatre in the Soviet time was not just an entertainment - it taught the audience to think, to read «between the lines». «This exhibition stirred up strong feelings and memories both in me and all people of my generation», - said Artemov. Danila Korogodsky, the director of the Theatre of Generations, son of the theatre director and teacher Zinovy Korogodsky, spoke at the opening of the exhibition. He shared his memories of the theatrical life of 1970s and 1980s, of the performances he himself had seen in those years.

Alexander Pavlovich Smirnov, curator of the exhibition, told about the history of its creation. «2019 was declared as the Year of Theatre in Russia», - Smirnov said, «and for us it was an occasion to implement the ideas that we had been carrying out for more than 10 years».

The exhibition is open in the atrium of the museum until November 27. The entrance is free.

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