The museum won the international contest «Živa»

The State Museum of Political History of Russia became the winner of the international museum contest «Živa» in the main nomination «The best museum of Slavic countries».

The jury highly evaluated «the professional and interdisciplinary scientific approach of the museum to the preservation of various collections», its role in the education and preservation of the country's political heritage. «Today, the museum is playing an increasingly important role at the local, national and international levels in the context of a dialogue on the meaning of history and memory for future generations, as a bridge between past and present», - says in the diploma of the competition.

The «Živa» Prize was established in 2012 on the initiative of expert project groups from the countries united by the Forum of Slavic Cultures. The aim of the prize is to encourage and promote projects in the field of museum activities, taking into account the specific cultural and geographical context of Slavic countries. Special attention is paid to the unique values of the Slavic world with its history, customs and heritage. «Živa» brings together interesting projects and presents them at the international level.

Summing up the results of the contest «Živa-2019» and awarding the winners took place on October 2-5 in the city of Bar in Montenegro. The contest was attended by 25 museums from 11 countries. Along with The State Museum of Political History of Russia, the winner this year was the Memorial Complex «Brest Hero Fortress» (Belarus), which was recognized as the best in the category «object of cultural heritage of Slavic countries». Special prizes were awarded to: «Matica Srpska» gallery (Novi Sad, Serbia), Museum of Decorative Arts (Prague, Czech Republic), Museum of Polish Song (Opole, Poland), Museum of Military Childhood (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), International Center for Graphic Arts (Ljubljana, Slovenia). The prize of honor of the contest was awarded to the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve (Moscow).

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