The exhibition “The Folk Talent Factory” opened

In the museum's atrium, the exhibition “The Folk Talent Factory” opened, dedicated to amateur creativity in the USSR. There are more than 50 photos included in the golden fund of national photojournalism. Visitors will see the works of the Bull brothers, correspondents of the largest news agency of the Soviet Union - TASS, outstanding masters of Soviet photography Yakov Khalip, Emmanuel Evzerikhin, Vasily Fedoseev, Vladimir Savostyanov, Georgy Lugovoy, and also amateur photographers.


“Amateur art responded to all social and political phenomena in the country,” said the deputy director for scientific work Elena Lysenko at the opening of the exhibition. It reflects the experiments of the 1920s, kolkhoz construction, the era of the five-year plans, the Great Patriotic War, XX Congress, the great construction and much more.


Alexey Boiko, the curator of the exhibition, head of the museum's Fine Arts and Printed Graphics Department, noted that the photos on display offer a glimpse into the history of Soviet photo art starting in the 1920s. He emphasized that most of the exhibits are on the display for the first time.


You can also see some ethnographic stage costumes from the 1980s at the exhibition.


The exhibition will run in the atrium until April 28, 2022.

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