The award ceremony for the «Human Rights 2022» contest was held on December 9

December 10 is the International Human Rights Day. On this day in 1948 General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a document proclaiming the inalienability of human rights: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The annual competition of scientific and creative works named «Human Rights» has been held for the 10th time among students of the universities in Saint-Petersburg. Participants can submit video clips, essays, articles, photos, and drawings on human rights topics. The contest being held by Svetlana Agapitova, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Saint-Petersburg, with the support of the Committee on Science and Higher School and the Committee on Law, Order and Security of Saint- Petersburg.

Since 2014 our museum has hosted award ceremonies for the winners of the contest. We have repeatedly hosted exhibitions of winners and runners-up in the poster/caricature/photography category.

This year more than 200 works from 20 universities have been submitted to the contest. The students touched upon the most topical issues of human rights realization, reflected their views on the existing problems and offered a variant of their solution. Knowledge of the norms and provisions of law, active citizenship and human rights ideas of students resonated with the jury, among whom were experienced representatives of public organizations, professionals in the field of law, advocacy.

Before the awarding ceremony that took place in the Museum of Political History of Russia on December 9, the workers of the scientific-educational department guided the participants and the guests through the exhibitions «Man and State Power in Russia in XIX-XXI centuries», «Revolution in Russia. 1917 – 1922», «The Soviet Epoch: Between Utopia and Reality».

Elena Lysenko, acting director of the museum, welcomed the participants and pointed out that the topics of the contest and the museum are closely connected and expressed hope for further cooperation.

Andrey Maksimov, the chairman of the Committee for Science and Higher Education, emphasized in his speech that many questions raised by students in their works are implemented later and the participants continue to realize their ideas in further practical activities.

For the first time together with the Commissioner, Svetlana Agapitova, members of her Youth Council Fedor Oskin and Maria Navolotskaya held the awards ceremony. In the second part of the awarding ceremony the participants also received special prizes from the partners of the competition. They were presented by Vice Chairman for Program Development and International Affairs.

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