Museum opened the exhibition “The sketch of an epoch”

The exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Malagis (1902-1974), is based on a collection of works acquired from the artist’s widow Evgenia Vasilievna Baikova in 1981. A chronicler of the Soviet era, Malagis was a master of portrait genre and rural landscape. The exhibition presents more than 20 works by the artist from the museum’s collections.

Opening the exhibition, the general director of the museum Evgeny Artemov emphasized that the Museum of Political History of Russia is proud of its collection of fine art and continues the tradition of presenting to the public rarities from the museum’s holdings.

The museum’s head curator Lyubov Efremova noted that the exhibition, created through the enthusiasm of young museum curators, really presents a sketch of the Soviet era. “Malagis, one of Petrov-Vodkin’s favorite students, lived all his life in our city, and in addition to the paintings, the exhibition features a document about the cleaning of Leningrad in March 1942 in which the artist took part”, said the head curator.

At the end of the opening, one of the authors of the exhibition, the museum curator Julia Naumenko briefly highlighted the main stages of Malagis’s creative activities and spoke about some of his works.                                                                                

The exhibition is open on the museum’s ground floor until the end of 2022.

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