Living memory of Sobibor

The Museum of Political History of Russia solemnly opened the exhibition “SOBIBOR. To the 80th anniversary of Alexander Pechersky`s feat”, based on materials provided by the Alexander Pechersky Memorial Foundation. The documents tell about a prisoners` uprising in a concentration camp Sobibor in Poland and about the organizer of the only successful escape from the death camp in history, Alexander Aronovich Pechersky.

The exhibition was opened by Yulia Makarova, a general director of the Alexander Pechersky Memorial Foundation, and Yulia Usacheva, a deputy general director of the Museum for Scientific Work. The stands and showcases present Pechersky`s personal belongings, unique photographs, letters, and documents from his archive. Among the exhibits there is his legendary “lucky” shirt given to Pechersky a few hours before the uprising by a Dutch girl named Luka, his cap and a unique album with materials about Sobibor, collected by Pechersky.

The uprising in the Nazi death camp Sobibor took place on October 14, 1943. The escape was organized and led by a captured Red Army lieutenant Alexander Pechersky. The rebels killed part of the SS, and hundreds of prisoners broke free. Many of them exploded on mines and died from bullets of guards, others were caught during raids and executed.

After escape Pechersky was able to get to the Belarusian partisans. He fought as a common soldier in the Shchorsa partisan detachment of the Brest compound. After the liberation of Belarus, Pechersky, as a prisoner, he was checked in a filtration camp and was sent to the 15th Rifle Assault Battalion of the 1st Baltic Front. In August 1944 he was seriously wounded and after demobilization he lived in Rostov-on-Don.

Today, on the eve of the 80th anniversary of the uprising of the prisoners of the Sobibor death camp, we can say that one of the heroic pages of the military history of the Fatherland has established itself in the mass consciousness as the most important episode of the Second World War, which became a symbol of human courage and the will to Victory.

The exhibition opens from October 11 to November 8, 2023.


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