“One day with Gorky”, the theatrical event, was successfully held in the museum

On October 4, the museum successfully hosted a theatrical event “One Day with Gorky” as part of the project “Pushkin and Gorky. The view from the present day”.
The event dedicated to the last day of the exhibition “MAXIMally GORKY”, which was accompanied by various thematic projects: a workshop, walking tours and museum classes.
The exhibition devoted to the 155 anniversary of the write Maxim Gorky was visited by 17, 028 people.
The program of the event consisted of two blocks – for students and for teachers. Students were shown a musical-theatrical performance “The Burning Heart of the Epoch” in the rooms of the museum. The guests were welcomed by animated paintings, installations on the theme of Maxim Gorky`s life and work, scenes of biography pages and fragments of the writer`s works performed by theatre and cinema artists and musicians.
The adult audience was greeted by artists dressed as the characters of Maxim Gorky`s books. Those who wished could visit the exhibition “MAXIMally GORKY”.
There was a special meeting and a discussion of Maxim Gorky`s works with Alexander Pozdnyakov,  a Russian playwright, a film historian and a director, an Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, a member of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Journalists and the Union of Cinematographers, an Honorary Cinematographer of the Russian Federation, a President of the Saint-Petersburg Federation of Film Press on the theme “Gorky in the Cinema” was held in the White Hall of the Kshesinskaya Mansion. The participants also were presented literary and musical compositions performed by Saint-Petersburg artists and musicians.


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