The museum held a presentation of the exhibition “Not a craft, but a vocation...”

On March 3, the Museum of Political History of Russia hosted a presentation of the exhibition “Not a craft, but a vocation... Dedicated to the Teachers of Russia”.

“The creators of this exhibition are the Children's History Museum, Department of Museum Pedagogy. In the year of the teacher and mentor the Children's History Museum prepared an exhibition for the anniversaries of two Russian educators: 200th anniversary of Konstantin Dmitrievich Ushinsky and 190th anniversary of Sergey Alexandrovich Rachinsky”, - said Natalia Petrovna Baranova, Deputy General Director for scientific and educational work at the presentation.

Ekaterina Andreevna Zburzhinskaya, curator of the exhibition and head of the Museum Pedagogy Department, emphasized the relevance of the chosen topics.

The new exhibition runs in the year of the teacher and mentor and talks about the contribution of K. D. Ushinsky and S. A. Rachinsky in the development of education and upbringing. The exhibition includes excerpts from teaching aids, articles and letters by Ushinsky and Rachinsky, photographs, paintings, objects of school life in pre-revolutionary Russia. And also a wooden model of a country school, school stationery and items of equipment for school classrooms of the second half of the XIX - early XX centuries, samples of uniforms of pupils of the Imperial educational society for noble maidens, author dolls and much more.

The presentation of the exhibition was attended and welcomed by Ekaterina Matveyevna Kolosova, director of the Museum of Russian State Pedagogical University of A. I. Herzen; Svetlana Valentinovna Podgornova, curator of the Pedagogical Museum of Saint-Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education; Irina Ushakova, Chairman of the Society for the Preservation of Rachinsky heritage; Alexei Gaidukov, associate professor in the history of religion and theology of Russian State Pedagogical University of A. I. Herzen.

The presentation included a visit to the Children's History Museum.
The exhibition will run until mid-June.

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