The cooperation agreement was signed with the Ho Chi Minh Museum on May 31

On May 31, a delegation from the Ho Chi Minh Museum (Hanoi) visited the Museum of Political History of Russia. The White Hall of the Kshesinskaya Mansion hosted the signing of the Cooperation Agreement, followed by the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Portrait of Ho Chi Minh. A View from agitation posters. 1969-2011” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh's visit to Russia. The future leader of the Vietnamese people began his political path and revolutionary struggle for freedom and independence of the country in Petrograd.

Elena Anatolievna Lysenko, interim general director of the Museum of Political History of Russia, in her speech said that cooperation between the Ho Chi Minh Museum and the Museum of Political History of Russia began in 2018, when the museum opened an exhibition at the Ho Chi Minh Museum dedicated to a Soviet woman and her public role in the Soviet Union.

“Today we are opening an exhibition created by museum staff in Vietnam. It shows the national flavor and reveals the image of Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh in traditional art. The unique collection of posters at the exhibition will allow visitors to touch Vietnam's history and the biography of an outstanding son of the Vietnamese people and friend of our country, Ho Chi Minh. On behalf of the museum and myself, I sincerely thank the Ho Chi Minh Museum for providing the exhibition and willingness for long-term cooperation,” said Elena Anatolievna Lysenko.

The exhibition is prepared especially for visitors of our museum and runs until July 19.

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