The exhibition “MAXIMally Gorky” opened at the museum

The Museum of Political History of Russia has prepared a program dedicated to the 155th anniversary of Maxim Gorky. The events began with a meeting of the Round Table. In the White Hall of the Kshesinskaya Mansion, speeches were made on the influence, role and comprehension of the great heritage of Maxim Gorky in various spheres of culture, art and public life.

Elena Gennadyevna Agafonova, head of the Literary Museum department of the Maxim Gorky State Museum, shared the problems of museumification of Maxim Gorky's heritage. Alexander Pozdnyakov, film critic and director, touched upon the images of the writer in movies and on the screen. Valentin Vadimovich Golovin, director of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, spoke about the unique influence of Gorky's works on folklore and philosophical understanding of his heritage.

Irina Shimbarevich, deputy artistic director of the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater for social-educational and research activities, made a report entitled “Maksim Gorky on the stage of the Bolshoi Drama Theater”. Olga Bystrova, a senior research fellow at the department of publishing and studying the works of Maxim Gorky at the A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Science, spoke about the Maxim Gorky projects of the 1930s. The head of the scientific and departmental archive of the State Museum of the History of Saint-Petersburg Sergey Pyatovsky presented his report “A. M. Gorky as a Political Prisoner of the Peter and Paul Fortress in 1905”.

Andrey Borisovich Ryzhkov, the expert of the toponymic sector of the Saint-Petersburg State Budgetary Institution of Additional Professional Education “Institute of Cultural Programs”, spoke about the toponymy of Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs, connected with the name of Maxim Gorky.
A theatrical prologue based on Maxim Gorky's poems preceded the opening of the exhibition.

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